About Us

Our Core DNA

United Commercial Inc. is made-up by its team. This means we are our team. We feel that a company, like employees, have a core DNA which guides  efforts and provides a blueprint of company culture. Therefore we feel the need to stress three attributes: values, ethics, and integrity. These make up United Commercial Inc.’ core DNA.


We hear the common chatter from our peers about establishing relationships with their customers but we simply differ, valuing employees and building a great relationship is of absolute importance. Our core obligation is to manage good relationship with our employees, all other important metrics will show tremendous improvements if we are successful.


It is a given the United Commercial’s project managers are not employees of our client/partners. However, they also represent the best interests and are agents of our client/partners. Our project managers must be honest and ethical in all practices to create projects outcomes expected by our client/partners.. The following are a few ethical practices embraced by all United Commercial employees:

  •  Conduct themselves honorably, ethically, responsibly, and lawfully
  • Use the highest standards of integrity and respect
  • Honor the reputation and value of the profession and UCI
  • Sustain a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment
  • Admit mistakes made and leverage as lessons-learned


We wouldn’t recommend a placement that hasn’t passed our vetting procedure. We care about more than just a quick placement, and aim to maintain long standing relationships based on transparency.

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