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Mix Use


Mix use construction incorporates two or more uses into the same building, or the same general area.  It combines residential functions with commercial ones.



Industrial construction is a specialized niche that deals mostly with construction of factories, warehouse, and other highly specialized facilities.


Tenant Improvements

Is the conversion of existing commercial space to meet the customer needs.  For example, office space, shopping centers, and medical facilities, amongst others.

Company Metrics

United Commercial Inc. conducts its primary business in Washington State.  The following metrics represents current activity within this region:

Service Years

Team Size



Company Pillers


Our expertise comes from having a very skilled and knowledgeable team and the partnership with local vendors who supply building materials that are up to date with construction standards.

Trades & Labor

To perform beyond client’s expectations, it is essential that we operate as a team.  Whatever your role is, you are a member of a team that services client-customers because all our jobs are related to and dedicated to that end.


We are a commercial construction company that focus its efforts in providing and alternative building solution to General Contractors by supplying and installing durable, stable and cost-effective metal framing, and drywall.

We are Committed

At United Commercial, we have three main values held at the core of what we do. We promote customer satisfaction, safety best practices, and award wining workmaship.

Our Values


For United Commercial, Inc., safety is not simply viewed as a top priority on par with productivity; rather it is an ethic that guides everything employees do.

Safety is our responsibility, therefore our commitment


Our mission is to create and sustain an exceptional customer experience with all our clients, suppliers, architects and engineer within the commercial construction industry and the communities we live and work in.

Excellent service to our customers is a primary goal.  Our success is a result of consistently performing beyond our client’s expectations.


Our business purpose is to build collaborative relationships base on trust, cooperation, and the successful completion of projects on time and within budget.


There is no doubt that United Commercial did an incredible job transforming our home office. We are speechless not only with the level of quality in the drywall construction, but also with the amazing customer service they provided.

Mychal Harris

Managing Principal, AVYCI Soluions